Mark Herbert
"... it is the place in my vision. You have a destiny there and this land wants you to live there so it can communicate with you. It is a portal, I can see the vortex over the place which goes back beyond the medieval days. It wasn't a castle ... but a very grand and beautiful building ... before that it was a place where a different race came into being. It was the beginning. It is so special, the vibration of the land was chosen especially for the purpose ... "

–Carol Clarke, renowned Welshseer

"No dwelling shall be built until the Earth Diviners have confirmed the intended building site to be free of Earth demons."
–Chinese Emperor Kuang Yu (2205-2197 B.C.)

"Believe me, for I know, you will find something far greater in the woods than in books. Stones and trees will teach you that which you cannot learn from the masters."
       - St Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) Founder of the Cistercian Order

"We believe once more in the elemental forces that are present in the world. We believe that the destinies of human beings are the result of the stellar constellations and that human beings themselves are born out of these constellations in conformity with the laws of nature."
        – Second Principle : Creed of the Knights Templar

"...many of the influential characters that shaped the fate of nations were privy to the secret workings of Nature; the Normans, the Benedictines, the Augustinian Canons, the Knights Templar"
        –Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst        The Sun and the Serpent : An Investigation into Earth Energies (1998)

"The Cistercian monks alone amongst all the medieval monastic institutions built their churches in the knowledge of ‘Earth forces’ ..."
        –Alan Butler and Stephan Dafoe        The Knights Templar Revealed (1999)

"They could have drawn any old circle … but they didn’t. They wanted the thing to have hidden significance ... The experts, the astronomer-priests or whatever you call them, they knew what was in it."
       –Alexander Thom (1894-1985) Discoverer of the Megalithic Yard

"Stonehenge was locked to the Sun and moon as tightly as the tides."
       .–Gerald S. Hawkins (1928-2003), Professor of Astronomy Author of ‘Stonehenge Decoded’ (1965)

Stone Circles
"Taking shelter by the standing stones, miles from all that moves. Breathing solitude, seeking confidence; a gift to me. Feeling spirits never far removed passing over me; and I greet them with open arms."

–Man of Two Worlds : Ure, Cross, Currie & Cann (1984)

Stone Circles     Moon
"Feel the presence moving into me. Painting pictures with its words. Oh seeing places that I’ve never seen. Like a door thrown open on a life I’ve lived before."

–Man of Two Worlds : Ure, Cross, Currie & Cann (1984)

–Exploring the combined spirit of the landscape and sky, unveiling their secret messages and those of hidden realms beyond.

–Guide and educator in the pioneering philosophies of Soul Geomancy and Astrosophy, opening new doors to those wishing to pursue spiritual lines of enquiry using Earth and sky as signposts to past life and soul connections.

–Practitioner of dowsing, Earth acupuncture and traditional Reiki complementing an accumulated working knowledge of celestial movements vital to the construct of astro-spiritually ritualistic sites.

–Aide to those seeking assistance to identify, understand and deal with geopathic, geopsychic, geomantic and technopathic alignments in the landscape, their effects on quality of life and well-being, including mitigation and maintenance of less beneficial energy streams, promoting self-help and encouraging a prevention strategy.

–Self-accomplished through experience .